A Nasty Rash

I'm confused. House of Cards has stripped the satire that was present in the British series and left an unfathomably dark drama. Sometimes I think the writing is brilliant, other times I think every character sounds the same. Then the GOP Presidential race flares on my screen and I'm, "Hey! That's satire. That's entertainment." That's what that other thing should be and this is...

Rush Limbaugh.

I read the other day Limbaugh hates Trump. Wonder if the irony's lost on him? Rush, his fellow jocks, and Fox News et al have spent decades in the anger mismanagement game. They have fomented, nay, cultivated dissatisfaction with anything progressive in America. Trump is the appropriate prophet for their fertile field. Suck it up Grand Old.

American culture and politics floods across our border. I'm okay with it because I've built a wall. If Canadian politics rubs me the wrong way, I'd break out in a nasty rash with a whiff of the American stuff.

It happened on Super Tuesday.

I've recovered, but still want to know how Trump plans to bring those $2/hour Apple jobs to America.

It's tiring, but that horse has bolted. We're the humans in Wall-E, bred to consume.

One thing I learned from the Oscars is the rich have cash (oodles of it), the poor have credit cards, and the destitute neither.

Outside of professionals, people went through an education system that made them functional for a world that no longer exists.

All that's on offer are low-paid service sector jobs. That's not a future, that's bitterness (for an older generation).

Late Boomers and X'rs in low-wage jobs unable to adapt to a fast-evolving economy will be left behind. Politicians can't say that because that's a bucket load of super-sizers they're clueless how to help.

Instead they make promises of bringing back jobs that either didn't exist in the first place, or will be low wage and union free if they do come back.

Throw in nostalgia, reinvent childhood and create another non-reality. Writers have to learn to kill their darlings, politicians daren't.

Trump says he's calling it as it is. No, he's saying what he wants.

It must be heart breaking to sane Americans (pretty much all I've met) to see their fellow citizens either embrace racism and bigotry or simply ignore it. 

Pigs may fly, but the day Republicans realize there is a role for them in supporting a national public health care system rather destroying it, will be the day they have control back of their party. They've allowed Conservatism to be redefined along narrow lines.

See, I'm a natural optimist just suffering from watching House of Cards. Yesterday I thought the sun came out, I was corrected, they were store lights.