The Last Concerto  In Berlin 1941, a Nazi detective is forced to work with a Jewish professor to prove if a recently discovered diary and piece of music are Mozart's.

The Heart Longs to Speak After a heart attack, a depressed man is challenged by a new female friend to complete an act of beauty.

On the Road to Nowhere  Set in 2000. On the eve of the Intifada, a messed up high school failure arrives in Israel seeking an escape, but finds trouble and love with the daughter of his uncle's best friend, a Palestinian. (AFF Enderby Entertainment Awards Finalist, 2017 )

iGuru  Tired of having his dates stolen from him by his professional dating coaches, a man takes revenge by teaming up with a loud mouth car mechanic to create the ultimate advice-dispensing robot.


The Code of Happiness

In the near future unemployed loner Jamie Fuller is approached by rival organizations for his gifts that he himself doesn't believe in. As they vie for control of his spiritual and material wellbeing they hide their true intentions from him. Jamie, living in a bubble and ignoring the obvious as he's prone to do, is coaxed into a horrifying future all in the name of happiness, and a destiny he may never escape.


Tall as the Trees

A result of a writing experiment in the winter. Iā€™d come home from work and write approx 200 words a day and post unedited to Facebook. This complete version has a handful of edits. is it a short or the beginning of something much longer?